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Available Dogs

Updated: 06/03/23


My boy Cleaver will make a sweet loving family dog.  He looks up with those big brown puppy dog eyes and you will melt.  He hasn’t been around kids, but I think he would love them. He is a 3 year old, 22 lb., reddish cockapoo.  Cleaver gets along well with other dogs, can be a goof, likes to hog a toy when another dog wants it.  All part of the fun. He is $700 as a pet, or $2500 as a stud dog.  He has produced beautiful puppies without a miss.  As a stud dog he must live in a home with a family.  No kennel.  He is too precious.  Cleaver also likes his cuddles on the bed in the morning.



Pammy (Female)

Pammy is my silly girl.  She pulls ornery stunts like chewing up my lip gloss, but she is just having fun.  Pammy needs someone who understands how to make her obey without destroying her spirit.  She likes playing with other dogs and getting them to chase her.  She is always in the middle of the action and often initiates it.  I think Pammy would be happiest in a home with a playful dog or two, where she can be a diva.  She likes her hugs.  She sits next to me, with her foot on my knee, as I put my arm around her for a hug and chest scratches.


Barley (Female)

To hold a puppy/dog a $400 deposit is required. Please read and sign the sales contract and contact before sending any money. Thank you!

Little 11 lb, 6 year old Barley, also known as Barbie Doll, needs a special female or a couple to be her one and only.  She will be your shadow and love you forever.  Barley is sweet as can be, but has some trust issues with new people.  I think that may change when she is not jealous for me.  She would be happiest as an only dog with someone who is home a lot.  Sweet Barley loves to cuddle with me, be held, and ride in the car.  Barley talks, woo woo, when she is excited or wants something.  She is $400. 

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